Pelvis Variation

What we know: Structural variations of the pelvis exist in both men and women. For example women can have a large variations in the horizontal plane between the ASIS and PSIS without changes in anterior or posterior pelvic tilt. Structural variations in men include a tall pelvis relative to the normative data and a low belt line relative to iliac crest height; both of these variations present with a structurally flat lumbar spine.

What we need to understand: Structural variations should not be misinterpreted as acquired postural impairments or be used solely to infer postural deviations.

Why this matters: A woman can have low ASIS relative to their PSIS and not be in excess lordosis or anterior pelvic tilt. Men can have structurally flat lumbar spines and not be in posterior pelvic tilt.

Clinically: There are structural deviations from the “normal” in all humans and these should be assessed before making assumptions about postural impairments.

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