Mindy Simmons LMT, USAW L-2, CF-L2

Lead Coach and Massage Therapist

Mindy graduated from Park University in 2013 with her B.A. in Fitness and Wellness as well as Business Management. While in school she interned with the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of Park University for four years followed by an additional 2 years of training with the Head S&C Coaches at Mid American Nazarene University and the University of Central Missouri. Over the years she has obtained her CSCS, USAW L-2, CrossFit L-2, and several others. 

Mindy has continued to coach, study, practice, design, and implement various strength and conditioning programs to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach their goals! She believes each body is capable of more than they know, and that training aids in the journey of being able to move with ease and freedom to explore life in a confident way.

Mindy personally enjoys training with elements from Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, and accessory work that focuses on unilateral symmetry. She says “To me movement is my expression of freedom. Training gives me the confidence I need to try new things, like paddle boarding, or mountain biking! And it gives me the strength for that occasion when I need to help friends move really heavy things and not get hurt!”